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Butler Librak 251H213

Butler Librak 251H

Electronic Wheel Balancer "With Automatic Wheel Width Gauge"

The Butler Librak 251H213 Wheel Balancer, with automatic measuring arms, is easy to use and guides the operator through all phases of the balancing process. The Librak range of wheel balancers are designed purely for the professional and offer all the features as requested by the most demanding of operators. 

Benefits & Features 
  • Bright & Easy to read digital display with integrated keyboard
  • GAR 213 Automatic wheel width gauge fitted as standard!
  • Automatic measuring & input of rim diameter, rim width & offset using the automatic measuring arms
  • Automatic start of the machine when the wheel cover is closed
  • Automatic stop of the wheel in the external unbalanced position
  • Guided rim & tyre optimisation process
  • Automatic ALU S programs for unlimited choice of weight position
  • Hidden weight mode for concealed attachment of adhesive weights
  • Durable weight tray with ample storage for wheel weights & cones


Rim Width 1.5" to 22"
Rim Diameter  10" to 26"
Max. Wheel Width 400 mm
Max. Wheel Diameter 1016 mm
Max. Wheel Weight 70 kg
Balance Precision ± 1g
Operating Voltage 240 Volt
Balancing Speed < 100 rpm
Cycle Time 6 s.

Digital Display 

The digital display of the Librak 251H213 is large and easy to navigate. It shows all of the important information without the need of scrolling through the functions.


GAR 213 Wheel Width Gauge 

Fitted as standard, the wheel width gauge will automatically detect the rim width. Meaning that together with the electronic measuring arm, the Librak 251H213 acquires all rim dimensions automatically.


Electronic Measuring Arm 

The Librak 251H213 has an electronic measuring arm which allows the operator to choose where the wheel weights will be attached. This arm also calculates the rim diameter and rim offset automatically.


Automatic Stop Of The Wheel 

Once the machine has calculated the imbalance, the machine will automatically stop the wheel in the external unbalanced position.


Standard Accessories

  • Four balancing cones (inc. 4WD)
  • Rim width gauge
  • Wheel weight pliers
  • Quick release mechanism
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