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Summit 1400

Summit 1350

Automatic Wheel Balancer With 19" Flat Screen Monitor

The Summit 1400 Wheel Balancer is part of the new premium range of Summit Wheel Service Equipment. This machine is equipped with a large 19” flat screen monitor that clearly displays the easy to read 3D graphics of the Summit balancing program. As a fully computerised system, with automatic measuring arms, it allows the user to automatically input all rim data quickly & accurately. 

New Premium Model!

Benefits & Features 
  • Automatic measuring & input of rim diameter, width & offset using automatic measuring arms
  • Bright & easy to read 19” flat screen monitor
  • 3D graphics accurately showing the balancing program
  • Control panel with rotary selector for different balancing modes
  • Automatic start of the machine by closing the wheel guard
  • Automatic stop into the correct position for weight application using the automatic brake after spin
  • Multiple alloy programs
  • Split weight program for concealed attachment of weights
  • Durable weight tray together with a side storage cabinet for ample storage for wheel weights


Rim Diameter  10" to 32"
Rim Width 1.5" to 20"
Max. Wheel Diameter 1000 mm
Max. Wheel Weight 75 kg
Balance Precision ± 1g
Operating Voltage 240 Volt
Balancing Speed 150 rpm
Gross Weight 166 kg

Large 19" Flat Screen Monitor 

The Summit 1400 is packaged with a large, bright and easy to read 19” flat screen monitor.


Electronic Measuring 

The Summit 1400 is a fully automatic machine, and includes two electronic measuring arms to accurately detect the rim data. This also allows the operator to choose where the wheel weights will be attached.


Incorporated Brake Pedal 

Accuracy Is Important. The Summit 1400 includes a brake pedal which locks the wheel during weight placement to ensure the wheel weights are applied to exact position as measured by the balancing program. 


Standard Accessories

  • Four balancing cones (Inc 4WD)
  • Rim width gauge
  • Wheel weight pliers
  • Quick release mechanism 


Optional Accessories

  • Light commercial cone kit
  • Motorcycle balancing adaptor kit
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