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Summit E58

Summit E58

2 Head Computerised Alignment System With 4 Wheel Alignment Capabilities

The Summit E58 Alignment System is an entry level system designed for the low volume workshop. With front sensor heads, incorporating digital displays & rear axle transmitters, the E58 is a modern, 4 sensor cordless machine.

Benefits & Features 
  • Computerised alignment system
  • 2 Head alignment system with 4 wheel alignment capabilities
  • Australian vehicle database
  • ZigBee wireless data transmission
  • CCD cameras
  • No cables – “Cable-Free Operation”
  • Simple operation from control console or from any sensor head
  • LCD Display on the sensor heads indicate measuring information
  • 3D Graphics with user friendly interface
  • Sensor heads can be calibrated independently
  • Spoiler mode for low vehicles
  • Mobile cabinet to accommodate computer, sensor heads, wheel sensors, wheel clamps & wheel hangers

Lightweight Sensor Heads

The lightweight sensor heads include an integrated keypad allowing operation from the head. The LCD display on the sensor heads also indicate the measuring information.


Rear Axle Transmitters

The Rear Axle Transmitters allow the front sensor heads to acquire the vehicles axis of symmetry. This allows the machine to compensate for front axle set back, while providing accurate settings of front toe.


4-Point Front Wheel Clamps

The E58 is supplied standard with 4-Point Wheel Clamps with a working range of 8” to 20”. The wheel clamps are easy to adjust ensuring a quick & easy set-up. Suitable for steel & alloy wheels. 


Standard Accessories

  • 2 x Front sensor heads
  • 2 x 20” 4-Point alloy wheel clamps
  • 2 x Rear axle transmitters 
  • 2 x Rear wheel hangers 
  • 1 x Pair of turntables 
  • 20” Flat panel monitor 
  • Colour printer, keyboard & mouse 
  • Solid mobile cabinet 
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