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Hoist Hanger

Saving Your Back & Saving You Money!

Hoist Hanger is a leader in workplace safety and is proud to present a product designed to save you money & help minimise back strain and injuries while working with hoists. The Hoist Hanger creates a viable solution to lifting & lowering a wheel & tyre from height which in doing so saves backs.

For as long as technicians have been lifting vehicles into the air to work on them, they have been lifting wheels & tyres up & down from vehicles. This has always been a problem in our industry, but with Hoist Hanger you will virtually eliminate unnecessary heavy lifting. This unique accessory is a simple & effective way to increase you & your technicians speed, efficiency & safety.

Hoist Hanger - Saving Your Back & Saving You Money!


Available To Suit Powerrex, Summit, Molnar, Tecalemit, Heshbon, Bendpak & More!*

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Benefits & Features

  • Reduces Back Strain
  • Reduces Sick Days
  • Reduces Trip Hazards
  • Ideal For Quick Service Bays
  • Designed For 2 Post Vehicle Hoists
  • Several Sizes Available To Suit Different Hoist Models
  • Popular Models Include Powerrex, Summit, Molnar, Tecalemit, Heshbon & Bendpak!

Over the years, the industry has demanded that there be some assistance with certain tasks in the workshop. We employ engine cranes, transmission jacks, and any number of different jack stands for various types of support.

To date there has never been any assistance with the constant lifting & lowering of wheels & tyres from a vehicle being worked on when it is hoisted in the air. It would not be unusual for one technician to service 5 to 6 cars per day and remove the wheels from each one of them. This would account for a technician lifting a total of 48 wheels up & down in a day, and with an average weight of up to 35 kg, that’s 1680 kg of lifting a day!

Using the Hoist Hanger will virtually eliminate unnecessary lifting required with this task. By reducing the 1680 kg on average of lifting in a bent over position, and the physical exertion required, along with the potential for serious back injury, the amount of fatigue associated with the task will be greatly reduced. By helping to design a better workplace, there will be fewer late or absentee employees.


*Due to load arm design, some hoist models may not be suitable for Hoist Hanger.

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