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Summit ST8240


4 Tonne Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift

The Summit ST8240 Scissor hoist is a specifically designed Wheel Alignment Hoist with 4 Tonne Lift Capacity. The ST8240 comes standard with Turntable Recesses & Rear Slip Plates. Jacking Bridges are also included permitting the operator to lift the wheels free of the platforms. 

The Summit ST8240 has undergone an extensive independent appraisal by an Australian engineer and has been approved to the Australian Standard. 

 Benefits & Features


  • 4 Tonne Lift Capacity
  • Solid Air Operated Safety Locks
  • Huge Lift Height of 2160 mm
  • Operator Control Console
  • Hydraulic Synchronisation System
  • Turntable Recesses
  • Built In Rear Slip Plates
  • Jacking Bridges
  • Cable Remote Control For Jacks
  • Powder Coat Finish 


Max. Lift Capacity  4000 kg 
Max. Lift Height 2160 mm 
Lowest Height 290 mm
Platform Length 5126 mm
Overall Length 6600 mm
Platform Width 608 mm
Overall Width 2200 mm
Power Supply 415V
Jacking Bridges:  
Max. Lift Capacity (ea) 2500 kg
Max. Lift Height 414 mm
Max. Extension Width 1626 mm

Solid Air Operated Safety Locks 

The ST8240 operates with a unique air operated safety lock system for safety & and precise alignments. 


Turntable Recesses 

The ST8240 comes standard with adjustable turntable recesses. This feature allows for the use of many brands of turntables available. 


Rear Slip Plates 

With Built-In rear slip plates, this hoist is readily equipped for your wheel alignment needs.


Jacking Bridges 

Electric / Hydraulic jacking bridges are included as standard and allow for the vehicle to be lifted off the platform. Operated by remote control.


Control Console 

With a four button control console the technician can operate the hoist at the touch of a button. Also features a unique two step lowering process.

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