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Powerrex SL2900H


4 Tonne Clear-Floor 2 Post Hoist "Extra High Model For Commerical Vehicles"

Manufactured In Korea, the Powerrex SL2900H & SL2900HR 2 Post vehicle hoist is a Wide Body Hoist with 4 Tonne Lift Capacity. The SL2900H & SL2900HR models are supplied with extra high post extensions to accommodate extra high commercial vehicles & vans.


Powerrex Aus Standard

 Benefits & Features


  •  4 Tonne Lift Capacity
  • "Extra" High Model
  • “Extra” Wide between posts
  • Asymmetric Design
  • 3 Stage Front Arms
  • Solid Automatic Arm Locks
  • 2 Stage Load Pads
  • Dual Hydraulic Rams
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Roof Protection Bar
  • Twin Balance Cables
  • Positive Safety


Max. Lift Capacity  4000 kg 
Max. Lift Height 1980 - 2060 mm 
Pad Stool Height 130 - 210 mm 
Overall Height 4850 mm 
Overall Width 3395 mm
Between Posts 2860 mm
Power Supply 415 Volt

Roof Protection Bar

A padded roof bar with an automatic limit switch installed prevents high vehicles from making contact with the bridge.

Solid Automatic Arm Locks

As soon as the vehicle is lifted from the ground the gear type locks lock into place to prevent the arm from moving.

Polyurethane Guide Blocks

Powerrex have engineered self lubricating polyurethane guide blocks for a longer lasting & smoother operation.

Control Box

With a three button control box the technician can operate the entire hoist at the touch of a button. Includes Up, Down & Lock Button.

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