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Powerrex SL8000


8 Tonne Wide-Body 4 Post Hoist "The Perfect Hoist for Light Trucks"

Manufactured In Korea, the Powerrex SL8000 4 Post vehicle hoist is a Wide Body Hoist with a 8 Tonne Lift Capacity. The SL8000 also includes 3 Tonne Jacking bridges, permitting the operator to lift the wheels free of the platform. 

 Powerrex Aus Standard

 Benefits & Features


  • 8 Tonne Lift Capacity
  • “Extra” Wide between posts
  • Lift Height of 1820 mm
  • Safety Lock On Each Post
  • Cable Remote Control
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • 2 x 3 Tonne Jacking Bridges 
Technical Specs


Max. Lift Capacity  8000 kg 
Max. Lift Height 1820 mm 
Lowest Height 245 mm
Overall Length 7630 mm 
Overall Width 3796 mm 
Overall Height 2160 mm
Platform Length 6090 mm
Width Between Posts 3160 mm
Power Supply 415 Volt

Extra Long Platforms

The SL8000 has been designed with Extra Long platforms to accommodate a large range of vehicles. 


Extra Wide Between Posts

The SL8000 is wider between the posts allowing for larger vehicles to be worked upon.


Dual Safety Locks

Powerrex have engineered dual safety locks on each post to ensure the safest operation.


3 Tonne Jacking Bridges

Electric / Hydraulic jacking bridges with their own control box are included. These allow for the vehicle to be lifted off the platform.


Cable Remote Control

With a six button remote control the technician can operate the entire hoist from any vantage point.

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