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Butler Jecko 28 FI

Butler Jecko.28Combi FI

Total Lever-Less Tyre Changer "With Bead Pressing Arm"

The Butler Jecko 28.Combi FI Tyre Changer is the first machine in Butlers Lever-less range. The Jecko 28.Combi FI is an ideal machine for any technician looking to take the next step.


The Lever-less range of tyre changers are designed for the professional and offer all the features as requested by the most demanding of operators.

Benefits & Features 
  • Total Lever-Less Design
  • Patented Mounting Tool - Made from scratch proof material.
  • Patented Controlled Motion Bead Breaker Rollers - The dynamic movement of the bead breaker rollers allows a perfect bead breaking along the rim profile.
  • COMBI Version - Bead Breaker Shovel - Also includes your conventional style shovel for fast & powerful bead breaking, particularly on standard steel rims.
  • Automatic Arm Locking - To ensure greater precision, the Mounting Tool & Bead Breaker arms automatically lock in place during mounting & demounting.
  • Up To 28” Rim Capacity - When fully expanded.
  • Pneumatic Bead Depressing Arm
  • Quick-fit Rim Clamping Device - Wing-nut style set-up for centering the rim on the mounting shaft.
  • Patented “FI” Tubeless Tyre Inflation - Complete with safety device to protect the operator.


Rim Capacity 10" to 28"
Max. Wheel Width 381 mm (15")
Max. Wheel Diameter 1143 mm (45")
Bead Breaker Power 12000 nM
Max. Torque 120 kg/m
Operating Voltage 240 Volt 15 Amp
Bead Breaker Movement Automatic
Net Weight 302 kg

Patented Mounting Tool

The Butler mounting tool is made from scratch proof material and minimises the risk involved when demounting & mounting tyres from the rim. This mounting tool not only acts as the mounting head, but also the tyre lever.
With no metal tyre lever in play it means there is less chance of expensive damage to rims!


Patented Controlled Motion Bead Breaker Rollers

The Butler controlled motion bead breaker system allows for perfect bead breaking along the rim profile. The rollers are connected to a roller arm, and when swung into position, they automatically lock into the correct position & angle to ensure greater precision. The horizontal locating of the rollers is pneumatically controlled by a push button on the roller arm, while the vertical locating of the rollers is controlled by the user friendly control console attached to the top of the tyre changer. Both of these controls ensure the operator can precisely locate the rollers to professionally break the bead.


COMBI Version - Bead Breaker Shovel

The Jecko 28.Combi FI also includes your conventional style bead breaking shovel. This is included for powerful, fast & accurate bead breaking. It is specifically designed to work on every kind of tyre, but particularly on standard steel wheels. This is a great inclusion for any tyre service, who enjoy the luxury & precision of a vertical lever less machine, but also who require fast conventional tyre changing.


Quick-fit Rim Clamping Device

Supplied as standard with the Jecko 28.Combi FI, the quick-fit rim clamping device secures the rim to the mounting mast quickly and accurately. It’s operation is very similar to that of a wing nut as used on a wheel balancer.


Patented “FI” Tubeless Tyre Inflation

Included as standard is Butlers patented “FI” Fast Inflation system. This new, powerful tubeless tyre inflation system designed purely for Butlers lever less machines, is suitable for any rim diameter. It comes complete with a safety device to protect the operator.


Patented Invemotor

The Jecko 28.Combi FI runs the Butler Invemotor, which allows the operator to operate the tyre changer at any speed between 0 & 15 rpm. The Jecko 28.Combi FI operates on 15 Amp power supply.


Standard Accessories

  • Mounting Wedges with pulling system for low profile tyres
  • Cone Guard to suit quick-fit rim clamping device
  • Rubber turntable guard
  • Rubber guard for locating extension
  • Centering adaptor
  • Pressure gauge
  • Mounting paste & brush
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