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Butler NAV 01N

Butler NAV01N

Super Fast Truck Tyre Changer "One-Of-A-Kind!"

The Butler Navigator 01N’s uniqueness is in the operating system which is patented by Butler. It is equipped with four rollers which are positioned on the two sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions. With this system, the dismounting of the tyre with bead breakers is very simple.

Benefits & Features 
  • Super fast demounting & mounting ability
  • Rotating control unit on overhead boom
  • Hydraulic up-down movement
  • Hydraulic clamping with a maximum 27” rim clamping capacity
  • Stand-by mode meaning the machine sits quietly at idle
  • Safe plastic bead breaking rollers to minimise damage to the rim
  • Designed for truck, bus & super single tyre & wheel combinations
  • Compact design
  • Heavy duty construction


Rim Clamping Range 11" to 27"
Max. Wheel Diameter 1320 mm
Max. Wheel Width 540 mm
Max. Wheel Weight 1200 kg
Operating Voltage 415 Volt
Net Weight 562 kg

Tool Holding Carriage

The Navigator 01N tool holding carriage, not only is able to move clockwise & counter clockwise, but also up & down via use of it’s hydraulic system. The tool holding carriage can be lowered to a minimum of 330 mm from the base. Ideal for most 19” & 22.5” truck wheels. The clamping device is also designed to clamp a large range of wheels.


Demounting & Mounting

The bead breakers are supported by two arms which are commanded separately. Each arm has two rollers, one conical which pushes on the bead and one cylindrical which pushes the side of the tyre. The bead breakers are made of plastic material to minimise damage to the rim.


Standard Accessories

  • Mounting paste & brush
  • Patented truck lever


Optional Accessories

  • ALU Clamp - Bead locking clamp for alloy rims
  • ALU Protection - 4 Clamp protector kit for alloy rims
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