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Butler HP 441 Series

Butler HP 441 Series

Automatic Tyre Changers "With Bead Pressing Arm"

The Butler HP 441 Series Tyre Changers are part of the High Performance range of Butler tyre changers. The HP 441 series, has 3 variants available, ensuring this range has a model to suit your needs. The HP range of tyre changers are designed purely for the professional and offer all the features as requested by the most demanding of operators. 

Benefits & Features 
  • Three models available as part of the HP 441 Series
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Pneumatic mounting mast with automatic forward and back
  • Pneumatic mounting head lock with automatic setting to distance the mounting head from the rim
  • Plus 83 Pneumatic bead pressing arm as standard! A must have option for any professional tyre service dealing with low profiles
  • Pneumatic clamping system
  • Pedal operated “FI” tubeless tyre inflation system
  • Dual speed turntable standard on HP 441Q.24FI83 model
  • Heavy duty construction


Model HP 441.22FI83 HP 441.24FI83 HP 441Q.24FI83
Turntable Design Round Square Square
Rim Clamping (Inside) 13" to 24" 12" to 26" 12" to 26"
Rim Clamping (Outside) 11" to 22" 10" to 24" 10" to 24"
Max. Wheel Width 304 mm (12") 304 mm (12") 304 mm (12")
Max. Wheel Diameter 1050 mm (41") 1050 mm (41") 1050 mm (41")
Bead Breaker Force 3600 kg 3600 kg 3600 kg
Chuck Rotation Speed 6.5 rpm 6.5 rpm 6.5 - 13 rpm
Operating Voltage 415 Volt 415 Volt 415 Volt
Net Weight 234 kg 240 kg 240 kg

Plus 83 Bead Pressing Arm 

Fitted as standard, the bead pressing arm is pneumatically operated and allows the user to remove & fit low profile tyres. It prevents the bead catching on the rim, especially when fitting a new tyre. 


“FI” Tubeless Tyre Inflation 

The fast inflation “FI” system is equipped with a pedal operated tubeless tyre inflation device complete with inflation gun & pressure gauge. 


Removable Pedal Assembly 

The pedal assembly at the front of the machine can be easily removed to allow for quick & easy servicing of the integral operating items. 


Standard Accessories

  • Tyre lever
  • Mounting paste & brush
  • Plastic mounting head inserts
  • Plastic clamp protectors
  • Plastic bead breaker protector 


Optional Accessories

  • Dragster Lever-Less Mounting Head Kit
  • Quick Change Tool Head Kit
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