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Motorcycle & ATV Tyre Changer Kit

Bead Pressing Tool For Tyre Changers

The Summit Bead Pressing Tool is designed to assist in the mounting of low profile tyres. The tool takes the load off the tyre and prevents the bead from catching on the rim.





Motorcycle & ATV Tyre Changer Kit

The Summit Motorcycle & ATV Tyre Changer Adaptor Kit is perfect for any motorcycle repair & tyre workshop who us a Summit Tyre Changer. This accessory has been designed specifically for changing motorcycle & ATV tyres. 


The MCATV Adaptors simply slide over the existing clamps on the tyre changer turntable and are secured in place using the locking pins attached. 

To alternate between Motorcycle & ATV clamping capability, you simply rotate the clamping jaws 180°, and reverse the adaptor on the turntable accordingly. 

The adaptor kit is supplied as shown. 

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