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Jacktech SK3000

Summit 1350

Coil Spring Compressor for Passenger Cars, 4WD & Light Commercial

The Jacktech SK3000 Coil Spring Compressor, made in South Korea, is a quality free standing unit that is ideal for any suspension shop. With it’s strong, quality components, the SK3000 is quick and simple to use and can be used for the toughest of springs. The patented rack & pinion gear setup & patented double clutch disc system provides maximum stability & safety as well as durability & longevity. 

Made in South Korea!

Benefits & Features 
  • Quick & simple to use, even on the toughest of springs
  • Sturdy freestanding unit for maximum mobility
  • Adjustable upper spring fixing brackets designed to accommodate a large range of strut assemblies & springs
  • Reversible lower spring fixing adaptors to accommodate different strut types
  • Strong, quality components for longer lasting performance
  • Patented rack & pinion gear setup together with patented double clutch disc system to provide maximum stability & safety as well as durability & longevity
  • Designed for use with most strut assembles, including the tough
  • BA Falcon & most four wheel drive setups


Maximum Height 1430 mm
Minimum Height 920 mm
Stroke (Working Range) 510 mm
Min. distance between lower spring fixing adaptors* 115 mm
Max. distance between lower spring fixing adaptors* 240 mm
Max. Spring Thickness 22mm
Pressing Weight 1500 kg
Unit Weight 25 kg
*This measurement refers to the distance between the Lower Spring
Fixing Adaptor setup as shown in Option A at left (see downloadable brochure)

Lower Spring Fixing Adaptors

Depending on the design of the strut, the lower spring fixing adaptors allow for two mounting methods of the strut assembly. Method A allows for the strut assembly to be located & gripped by the spring plate or bearing plate, whereas Method B allows for the strut tower itself to be gripped.


Upper Spring Fixing Brackets

The upper spring fixing brackets are easily adjustable and allow for most springs to be gripped with ease.

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