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ASNU Classic GDI

Classic GDI

The One & Only Petrol Injector Diagnostic Machine!

The ASNU Classic GDI injector testing machine is ideal for any workshop who specialise in General Mechanical & EFI. Originally manufactured in Australia, the ASNU is suitable for petrol injectors from cars, motorcycles & marine engines.

With the ASNU Classic GDI you can test & service 8 petrol injectors, including the latest generation of direct injection.

The Classic GDI is also supplied standard with a High Pressure Fuel Pump & Fuel Rail. 

Benefits & Features 
  • Test & Service Up To 8 Injectors At Once With the ASNU Classic GDI
  • Easy To Use Program With A Wide Range Of Functions
  • Manual & Automatic Cleaning Cycles
  • Injector Display Window With LED Backlight For Spray Comparison
  • Easy To Use Key Pad With Digital Display
  • Variable Pressure Regulator with “Boost Button”
  • Universal Fuel Rail Accepts all Top Feed Injectors
  • Run Injectors Up to 10,000 RPM
  • Dynamic Resistance Check
  • Injector Shot Counter Display
  • Injector Shot Timer Display
  • Duty Cycle Display
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
  • Suitable For Petrol & LPG Injected Vehicles
  • Suitable For Petrol Injected Motorcycle & Marine Engines
  • Suitable For GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) with the ASNU Classic GDI
  • Starter Kit Included To Get You On Your Way
  • For use on EVERY type of petrol injector on the market

What Is GDI?

GDI is an abbreviation for Gasolone Direct Injection, a process where the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber at a much higher pressure than mainfold systems. These systems now require fuel pumps and injectors made of stainless steel and must be capable of performing at a much higher specification than ones seen on previous manifold injection systems. Both designed to deliver very precise quantities of fuel at extremely high pressures and in short periods of time, in some cases for fractions of a milli second.

To enable a safe and easy examination of the injector's performance, the ASNU system runs the injectors at a lower and safer operating fuel pressure of up to a maximum of 10 bar. The Engine Management System of a GDI is designed to open the injectors for short micro second durations, with a maximum opening duration of only 5 milliseconds, any visual analysis of the injectors spray pattern could be both difficult and dangerous. When mounted on the ASNU Classic GDI, the injectors are being supplied with the correct peak and hold currents and firing in sequential mode simulating those of the vehicles ECU. The ASNU allows the user to safely examine the injectors spray pattern in greater detail for any discrepancies in the fuel distribution and atomisation. In some operating modes, the ASNU system opens the injectors for a much longer duration, thus exaggerating the spray pattern and making it easier to examine the spray's performance. 

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