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ISC Basic Futura

ISC Business Futura

Business Futura Semi-Automatic “4 in 1” Air Conditioning Machine

Recover - Recycle - Evacuate - Recharge

The “New Model” Basic Futura Air Conditioning Machine is a semi automatic “4 in 1” system. After connecting the system to the vehicle, at the touch a button the operator can recover, recycle, evacuate and recharge a vehicles AC system. This new model features a fully enclosed metal cabinet ensuring greater protection for both the machine & operator.


Designed & Manufactured In Italy!

Machine Features

What's Included

  • Semi automatic system
  • Manual recovery of gas
  • Automatic oil separation
  • Automatic refrigerant recycling
  • Manual vacuum of gas
  • Semi automatic A/C plant leak test
  • Manual oil injection
  • Electronic vacuum gauge for leak test
  • Electronic refrigerant scale with protection system
  • Easy to use command system with visual and acoustic signal
    for function and alarms
  • New fully enclosed metal cabinet ensuring greater protection
  • R134a Connectors
  • Safety & Expansion valves
  • Electronic vacuum gauge
  • Oil containers with threaded lid
  • Sealed oil drain bottle
  • Long-life high & low pressure filling hoses
  • Keyboard with large 5 digit display
  • Automatic air purge
  • Electronic refrigerant scale
  • Double chamber distiller


Recovery Power 300 g/min
Gas Cylinder Volume 10 kg
Vacuum Pump 70 L/min
Final Pressure 0,05 bar
Nominal Pressure 20 bar
Hose Lengths 3000 mm
Power Consumption 650 Watts
Net Weight 69 kg
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