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ISC Silver Futura

ISC Silver Futura

Silver Futura Fully-Automatic “4 in 1” Air Conditioning Machine 

The Silver Futura Air Conditioning Machine is a fully automatic “4 in 1” system with cutting edge functions. Complete with diagnosis software, database & printer, the Silver Futura is an ideal machine for the professional workshop who demand the latest in technology. 


Designed & Manufactured In Italy!

Machine Features

What's Included

  • Fully automatic system 
  • Automatic recovery & recycling 
  • Automatic system evacuation with integrated electronic timer 
  • Automatic charge of refrigerant 
  • Integrated data base 
  • Integrated printer that can print the last service report 
  • Electronic vacuum gauge for leak test 
  • Automatic Oil & UV injection 
  • Microprocessor system that integrates all functions 
  • Electronic refrigerant scale with protection system 
  • Easy to use command system with visual and acoustic signal for function and alarms 
  • Supplies monthly gas in/out report reflecting the details of the amounts of gas used 


  • Alphanumeric keyboard with 4 line display 
  • Automatic air purge 
  • Electronic refrigerant scale 
  • Electronic vacuum gauge 
  • Electronic oil scale 
  • Electronic dye scale 
  • Safety valve 
  • R134a Connectors 
  • Oil containers with quick coupler 
  • Double chamber distiller 
  • Double filter 
  • Graphic printer 
  • Solid steel chassis on wheels 


Recovery Power 500 g/min
Gas Cylinder Volume 27.2 Litres
Vacuum Pump 100 L
Final Pressure 0,05 bar
Nominal Pressure 20 bar
Hose Lengths 3000 mm
Power Consumption 770 Watts
Net Weight 90 kg
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